Episode 220: Girls, Interrupted

This week, David + Carolyn welcome Chicago actor Miguel Long to the podcast, and they have the best time chatting about episode 220, Girls, Interrupted. Molly Shannon guest stars, and she just got nominated for an Emmy for reappearing as Val in the new seasons. Perfect timing! 

The three besties chat about the genius of Molly Shannon, Neil Patrick Harris, gay conversion therapy, how women are the best, and you guessed it...a three way fashion moment! Miguel also shares with us his coming out story, which happened DURING an episode of Will & Grace! 

Follow Miguel on Instagram at @MiggySmalls225 and check him out at the Fly Honey Show this August, the third and fourth weekends! You don't want to miss his legs, trust.

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Theme Song by the magnificent PJ Hanke. And a huge thanks to Executive Producer, Sasha Gerritson!