Bonus Ep: An Interview with Markus Flanagan!

What a treat! David & Carolyn chatted with Markus Flanagan, who played Will’s therapist in ep 212, and had the most excellent discussion.

Markus tells them how and why he became an actor, what it was like to study under Meisner himself, gives them some inside baseball on the biz, and of course he tells them about his wonderful experience filming on Will & Grace. You’ll want to listen to this, especially if you are an actor, or in the arts!

His experience, openness, and generosity are second to none, and David & Carolyn were over the moon to talk to him.

You can get his book, One Less Bitter Actor, here.

And check out the West Lake Acting Studio here!

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Theme Song by the magnificent PJ Hanke. And a huge thanks to Executive Producer, Sasha Gerritson!